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Suzhou United Machine Co.,LTD.
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  The company's quality policy is: to strengthen management, improve the overall quality; pay attention to quality, enhance customer satisfaction, in order to further participate in domestic and international market competition, improve customer satisfaction, improve product quality, the company establish a comprehensive implementation of the ISO9001: 2000 quality management system and has successfully passed certification, prompting the company's overall management level has been substantially improved. In order to better products, better quality services to meet the needs of customers. 
  The company's working principle: do meticulous precision
  Suzhou United Machine Co.,LTD. gifted separation machinery and gear engaged in research and development and production operations over 40 years of history. During the "seven five" and "Nine Five" has assumed a horizontal spiral centrifuge national key development projects.
  From the 1990s onwards, the company has increased the pace of development Decanters and efforts to form a diverse series Decanters specifications and varieties.
  The company has been focusing on technology research and development, focusing on intellectual property rights. The company has cultivated a team of mechanical design engineers, electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, manufacturing processes, chemical engineering team of engineers, specializing in mechanical separation (especially Decanters) R & D work.
  The company hired a renowned expert Dr. Li Jieying centrifuge (Lee Chie-Ying, USA) for the company's senior technical consultants issues, focusing on basic research and applied technology for centrifuge research and development to nurture talents. Knowledge and understanding of the latest trends in international centrifuges to accelerate new product development company centrifuge speed.
  In recent years, the company separation technology, explosion-proof sealed, filter technology, wearable technology in a centrifuge lubrication method, differential structure, separation control, three-phase have achieved a major breakthrough. Has applied for and received a dozen separate mechanical aspects of domestic and foreign patents and utility model patents.

Emphasis on pre-sales services for customers to do separation equipment selection
  The company has established a special material separation technology test center, the construction materials testing systems for customers with samples of material to the Company's separation tests. Meanwhile, the testing center with multiple experimental prototype (two-phase separator, three-phase separators, filtration centrifuge) for delivery to the customer's production site to do testing.

Process according to customer requirements, develop personalized design special separation equipment
  The process according to customer requirements, designed to better meet customer requirements for the separation process of mechanical products. Has formed a work instructions for each type of use or process requirements of each client, has been assessed or personalized design technology, the company will be in strict accordance with operating instructions manufacturing and testing, each product have established a dedicated product files.  

  The company has a complete product manufacturing equipment and product testing equipment, the whole process of product quality control to ensure product quality and enhance the stability, Decanters repeatedly by the Jiangsu Provincial Bureau of Quality Supervision sampling assessed as qualified products, allow production . Cycloid reducer checked several times by the industry commissioned by the Tianjin Institute of General Machinery sampling, assessed as qualified products, permitted production, and has been praised inspection authority.
        The company produces Decanters in the chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries enjoy a high reputation and quality products won several awards. 
  Produced centrifuge reducer with stable quality, reasonable price and high quality service has won the trust of customers, products have been sold all over the country (including Taiwan and Hong Kong) and exported to Southeast Asia, Japan, Europe and the Middle East .

Development process:
  Chemical Equipment Plant, Suzhou plant in 1961, in 1972 developed the first horizontal spiral centrifuge discharge, is one of the earliest manufacturers producing centrifuge is classified as centrifuges Chemical Equipment Corporation sentinel production business.
  Suzhou United Machine Co.,LTD. was established in January 24, 2000, from 2000 onwards and gradually the original restructuring Suzhou Chemical Equipment Plant of the old and the new company acquired the plant, to be completed in early 2005 complete corporate restructuring and conversion mechanism , all state-owned shares to exit a truly private joint-stock enterprises.

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